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Eponymous medical signs are medical signs that are named after a person or persons, usually the physicians who first described them, but occasionally named after a famous patient with the signs.

Letter Sign Name Field Associated conditions External link
(if no internal link)
A Aaron sign Charles Dettie Aaron surgery appendicitis
A Abadie's sign Jean Marie Charles Abadie
A Abadie's symptom Joseph Louis Irenée Jean Abadie
A Abderhalden reaction Emil Abderhalden obstetrics
A Abelin reaction Isaak Abelin
A Addis count Thomas Addis (needed)
A Adie pupil William John Adie neurology
A Adson's sign Alfred Adson
A Alexander's law ?
A Allen's test Edgar Van Nuys Allen vascular surgery arterial supply of the hand
A Apley grind test Alan Graham Apley
A Argyll Robertson pupils Douglas Moray Cooper Lamb Argyll Robertson neurology
A Arneth count Josef Arneth
A Aschheim-Zondek test Selmar Aschheim, Bernhard Zondek synd/1834 at Who Named It
A Aschoff body Karl Albert Ludwig Aschoff
A Ashby techniques Winifred Ashby (needed)
A Auberger's blood group Auberger (patient) (needed)
A Auenbrugger's sign Josef Leopold Auenbrugger cardiology pericardial effusion synd/284 at Who Named It
A Auer rods John Auer hematology acute myeloid leukemia
A Auspitz's sign Heinrich Auspitz
A Austin Flint murmur Austin Flint cardiology aortic regurgitation
A Australian antigen Aboriginal patient (needed)
B Babinski sign Joseph Babinski neurology abnormal plantar reflex
B Baghdad boil Baghdad
B Bainbridge reflex Francis Arthur Bainbridge
B Bairnsdale ulcer Bairnsdale
B Balbiani rings Edouard-Gérard Balbiani (needed)
B Ballance's sign Charles Alfred Ballance (needed)
B Bárány test Robert Bárány (needed)
B Barlow's maneuver Sir Thomas Barlow, 1st Baronet (needed)
B Bart hemoglobin Barts Hospital (needed)
B Bastian-Bruns sign Henry Charlton Bastian, Ludwig Bruns (needed)
B Battle's sign William Henry Battle neurosurgery/traumatology basilar skull fracture
B Beau's lines Joseph Honoré Simon Beau
B Beck's triad Claude Schaeffer Beck cardiology cardiac tamponade hypotension, increased central venous pressure (JVP), distant heart sounds
B Becker's sign Otto Heinrich Enoch Becker (needed)
B Beevor's sign Charles Edward Beevor
B Bekhterev-Mendel reflex Vladimir Bekhterev, Kurt Mendel (needed)
B Bence Jones protein Henry Bence Jones hematology multiple myeloma
B Benedict solution Stanley Rossiter Benedict
B Berger rhythm Hans Berger (needed)
B Bezold-Jarisch reflex Albert von Bezold, Adolf Jarisch (needed)
B Bielschowsky's tilt Alfred Bielschowsky (needed)
B Bing's sign Paul Robert Bing (needed)
B Biot's respiration C. Biot pulmonology
B Bitot's spots Pierre Bitot ophthalmology vitamin A deficiency
B Bjerrum scotoma Jannik Peterson Bjerrum (needed)
B Blumberg sign Jacob Moritz Blumberg
B Boas' point Ismar Isidor Boas (needed)
B Boas' sign I Ismar Isidor Boas
B Boas' sign II Ismar Isidor Boas (needed)
B Bodansky unit Meyer Bodansky (needed)
B Bombay blood group Bombay hematology blood group
B Boston's sign L.N. Boston
B Bouchard's nodes Charles-Joseph Bouchard rheumatology osteoarthritis
B Bracht-Wachter bodies Erich Franz Eugen Bracht, H. Wächter
B Branham's sign Henry Branham (needed)
B Braxton Hicks contraction John Braxton Hicks obstetrics normal pregnancy
B Brewer infarcts George Emerson Brewer (needed)
B Broadbent inverted sign William Broadbent (needed)
B Brissaud's reflex Édouard Brissaud (needed)
B Broadbent law William Broadbent (needed)
B Broadbent sign William Broadbent (needed)
B Broca aphasia Paul Broca neurology
B Brodie-Trendelenburg test Benjamin Collins Brodie, Friedrich Trendelenburg
B Brudzinski sign Józef Brudziński neurology meningitis
B Bruit de Roger Henri-Louis Roger (needed)
B Bruns ataxia Ludwig Bruns (needed)
B Brushfield spots Thomas Brushfield
B Burton line Henry Burton toxicology lead poisoning
C Cabot rings Richard Cabot hematology lead poisoning, anaemias
C Caput medusae Medusa
C Cardarelli's sign ?
C Carey Coombs murmur Carey Coombs (needed)
C Carnett's test John Carnett (needed)
C Carvallo sign José Carvallo (needed)
C Casal collar Gaspar Casal (needed)
C Casoni test Tommaso Casoni (needed)
C Celsus signs of inflammation Aulus Cornelius Celsus inflammation
C Chaddock reflex Charles Gilbert Chaddock
C Chadwick sign James Read Chadwick obstetrics
C Charcot's triad Jean-Martin Charcot surgery ascending cholangitis
C Charcot-Leyden crystals Jean-Martin Charcot, Ernst Viktor von Leyden
C Cheyne-Stokes respiration John Cheyne, William Stokes palliative care
C Churchill-Cope reflex Edward Delos Churchill, Oliver Cope (needed)
C Chvostek's sign František Chvostek endocrinology hypocalcemia tapping over facial nerve elicits abnormal muscle contraction(s)
C Clark sign Alonzo Clark (needed)
C Claybrook sign Edwin Claybrook (needed)
C Clutton's joints Henry Hugh Clutton (needed)
C Codman's triangle Ernest Armory Codman
C Comby sign Jules Comby (needed)
C Coombs test Robin Coombs hematology hemolytic anemia
C Coons fluorescent antibody method Albert Coons (needed)
C Corrigan pulse Dominic John Corrigan cardiology aortic regurgitation
C Councilman body William Councilman
C Courvoisier's law Ludwig Georg Courvoisier gastroenterology pancreatic cancer
C Crichton-Browne sign James Crichton-Browne (needed)
C Crowe sign Samuel Crowe
C Cruveilhier-Baumgarten bruit Jean Cruveilhier, Paul Clemens von Baumgarten (needed)
C Cullen's sign Thomas Cullen surgery intraabdominal hemorrhage
C Curschmann spirals Hans Curschmann
C Cushing's triad Harvey Cushing neurology raised intracranial pressure
D Dagher Maneuver Nabil Dagher trauma surgery bimanual palpation of foreign object lodged in pelvis with one digit in an incision lateral to the anus and the other digit inserted in the rectum
D Dahl's sign ? [1]
D Dalrymple sign ? synd/494 at Who Named It
D Dance's sign ? synd/3355 at Who Named It
D Darier's sign ?
D Dawson's fingers ? [2] [3]
D De Musset's sign ? cardiology aortic regurgitation
D Dennie's lines ? ([4])
D Destot's sign ? [5]
D Dix-Hallpike test ? synd/3615 at Who Named It
D Döhle bodies - Karl Gottfried Paul Döhle
D Doi's sign ? [6]
D Dunphy sign ? [7]
D Duroziez's sign ? cardiology aortic regurgitation
E Elschnig spots Anton Elschnig ophthalmology hypertensive retinopathy
E Epstein's pearls ?
E Ewart's sign ? pericardial effusion
F Finkelstein's test Harry Finkelstein rheumatology DeQuervain's tenosynovitis
F Fordyce spots ?
F Forschimer spots ? (needed)
F Fothergill's sign ?
F Fox's sign ? (needed)
F Frank's sign ? (needed)
F Friedreich's sign ?
F Froment's sign ? neurology ulnar nerve palsy
G Gallavardin dissociation ? (needed)
G Gandy-Gamma nodules ? (needed)
G Gerhard's sign ? (needed)
G Goetz sign ? (needed)
G Gond's maneuver ? (needed)
G Goodell's sign ? obstetrics
G Goodsall's rule ?
G Gordon's maneuver ? (needed)
G Gottron's papules ? rheumatology dermatomyositis
G Gowers' sign (Gowers' maneuver) William Richard Gowers neurology muscular dystrophy
G Graefe's sign Albrecht von Gräfe endocrinology/ophthalmology Graves disease
G Graham Steell murmur ? (needed)
G Grey Turner's sign ? surgery retroperitoneal hemorrhage
G Griffith's sign ? (needed)
G Grotton's lesions ? (needed)
G Gunn's sign ? (needed)
H Hamman's sign ?
H Hampton's hump ?
H Hannington-Kiff sign ? (needed)
H Harrison's groove ?
H Hatchcock's sign ? (needed)
H Heberden's node William Heberden rheumatology osteoarthritis
H Hegar's sign Ernst Ludwig Alfred Hegar
H Hess test ? (needed)
H Hill's sign ?
H Hippocratic face Hippocrates palliative care impending death
H Hippocratic fingers Hippocrates pulmonary medicine clubbing
H Hirschberg test Julius Hirschberg test for strabismus
H Hoffman's sign ? neurology
H Hollenhorst plaque Robert Hollenhorst opthalmology hypertension, coronary artery disease, and/or diabetes
H Holmes-Adie syndrome ?
H Homan's sign ? deep vein thrombosis
H Hoover's sign ? (needed)
H Howship-Romberg sign ? (needed)
H Hutchinson freckle ? (needed)
H Hutchinson pupil ? (needed)
H Hutchinson's sign ? (needed)
H Hutchinson's teeth ? pediatrics congenital syphilis
J Janeway lesion Theodore Caldwell Janeway cardiology infective endocarditis
J Jendrassik maneuver Ernő Jendrassik neurology hyporeflexia
J Joffroy sign ?
J John Thomas sign ? (needed)
J Jolly test ? (needed)
J Jones criteria ? (needed)
K Kanavel's sign ? (needed)
K Kayser-Fleischer ring ? neurology & gastroenterology Wilson's disease
K Kehr's sign Hans Kehr ruptured spleen
K Kelly's sign ? (needed)
K Kerley lines Peter Kerley radiology pulmonary edema
K Kernig's sign Woldemar Kernig neurology meningism, meningitis synd/2200 at Who Named It
K Koebner's phenomenon Heinrich Koebner dermatology various conditions
K Koeppe's nodules Leonhard Koeppe ophthalmology uveitis
K Koplik's spots Henry Koplik pediatrics measles
K Korotkoff sounds Nikolai Korotkov cardiology sphygmomanometry
K Kussmaul breathing or respiration Adolph Kussmaul endocrinology metabolic acidosis
K Kussmaul's sign Adolph Kussmaul cardiology pericardial effusion
K Kveim test Morten Ansgar Kveim pulmonary medicine sarcoidosis
L Lachman maneuver John Lachman orthopedic surgery anterial cruciate ligament injury
L Ladin's sign ? obstetrics
L Lancisi's sign ?
L Lasègue's sign Charles Lasègue neurology
L Leopold's maneuver ? obstetrics synd/3225 at Who Named It
L Leser-Trelat sign ?
L Levine's sign ?
L Lhermitte's sign Jean Lhermitte neurology
L Lisch nodule ?
L Lisker's sign ? deep venous thrombosis
L Litten's sign ? cardiology infective endocarditis eMedicine
L Louvel's sign ? (needed)
L Lowenberg's sign ? deep vein thrombosis
M Macewen's sign ?
M Magnan's sign ? (needed)
M Marcus Gunn pupil ? neurology
M Marie's sign ? (needed)
M Markle sign ? (needed)
M Mayne's sign ? (needed)
M McBurney's point ? surgery appendicitis
M McConnell's sign ? cardiology pulmonary embolus (needed)
M McDonald's sign ? (needed)
M McMurray test ?
M Means-Lerman scratch ? (needed)
M Mees' lines R.A. Mees toxicology arsenic or heavy metal poisoning
M Mentzer index ? hematology microcytic anemia
M Miller-Fisher test ? (needed)
M Monash sign ? (needed)
M Möbius's sign ? (needed)
M Muehrckle's nails ? (needed)
M Mulder's sign ? (needed)
M Müller's maneuver ?
M Müller's sign ?
M Murphy's punch sign ? perinephric abscess
M Murphy's sign ? surgery cholecystitis
M Myerson's sign ? neurology Parkinson's disease
N Naegele's rule Franz Karl Naegele gynecology gestation method of estimating due date
N Nardi test ? gastroenterology
N Nelson's syndrome ? endocrinology pituitary adenoma
N Nikolsky's sign ? dermatology
O O'Brien's test ? (needed)
O O'Donoghue's triad ? knee injury
O Oliver's sign ?
O Oppenheim's sign ? (needed)
O Ortolani's sign Marino Ortolani pediatrics & orthopedics congenital hip dislocation /ortolanis_test_for_congenital_hip_dislocation
O Osborn wave ? (needed)
O Osler's node William Osler
O Osler's sign William Osler
P Palla's sign ? (needed)
P Pastia's sign ? (needed) (Associated with Scarlatiniform rash and strep pyogenes)
P Patrick's test ? sacroiliitis
P Pemberton's sign ?
P Phalen's maneuver ?
P Piskacek's sign ? (needed)
P Plummer's nail ? (needed)
P Pratt's sign ? (needed)
P Plummer-Vinson syndrome ? iron deficiency anemia
Q Queckenstedt's maneuver ? spinal stenosis
Q Quincke's sign ?
R Reynolds' pentad ? ascending cholangitis
R Riesman's sign ? (needed)
R Rigler's sign ?
R Rinne test ?
R Romana's sign ? Chagas' disease
R Romberg test ?
R Rosenbach's sign ? (needed)
R Roth's spots ? (needed)
R Rovsing's sign ? appendicitis
R Rumpel-Leede sign ? (needed)
R Russell's sign ?
S Salus's sign ? (needed)
S Schafer's maneuver ? (needed)
S Schamroth's window test ?
S Schilling test ?
S Schirmer's test ?
S Schober test ? ankylosing spondylitis
S Shone's complex ? (needed)
S Siegrist streaks ?
S Sims-Huhner test ? (needed)
S Sister Mary Joseph sign (Sister Mary Joseph nodule) Sister Mary Joseph Dempsey (born Julia Dempsey) oncology various malignancies
S Spurling's test ? (needed)
S Stellwag's sign ? (needed)
S Still's murmur ? cardiology
S Stransky's sign ? (needed)
S Stroop test ?
S Strümpell's sign ? (needed)
S Susac's syndrome John Susac
T Terry's nails ? neurology liver disease, others
T Terry-Thomas's sign Terry-Thomas (needed)
T Thompson's test ? (needed)
T Tinel's sign ? neurology
T Todd's paresis Robert Bentley Todd neurology seizures
T Tolosa-Hunt syndrome ?
T Traube's sign ?
T Trendelenburg gait Friedrich Trendelenburg neurology
T Trendelenburg's sign Friedrich Trendelenburg neurology
T Trousseau's sign Armand Trousseau
U Uhthoff's phenomenon ? neurology multiple sclerosis
U Unterberger test ? neurology
V Virchow's triad Rudolf Virchow hematology etiology of thrombosis
V Virchow-Robin spaces ?
V Volkmann's contracture Richard von Volkmann
V Von Braun-Fernwalds sign ? (needed)
V Von Graefe sign ? goiter
W Wada test ? neurology
W Waddell's signs ?
W Waddell's triad ? pediatric trauma Pedestrian stuck by motor vehicle
W Watson's water hammer pulse ?
W Whipple's triad Allen Whipple endocrinology hypoglycemia
W Wickham's striae ? dermatology lichen planus
W Widal test Georges-Fernand Widal salmonella
W Winterbottom's sign ? trypanosomiasis
W Wolff-Parkinson-White triad ? (needed)
W Wright's maneuver ? (needed)

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