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Knjaz Miloš AD (Serbian Cyrillic: Књаз Милош) (full name: Knjaz Miloš A.D. Aranđelovac) is a carbonated mineral water producer and distributor based in Aranđelovac, Serbia.

Knjaz Miloš has been produced and sold since 1811. The natural mineral water is bottled deep in the Serbian mountains of Aranđelovac.

In addition to its centerpiece Knjaz Milos carbonated mineral water, the company also produces a line of Golf fruit juices, Aqua Viva spring water, Aqua Una mountain water, and Guarana energy drink.

After much legal wrangling, and several highly publicised takeover bids, Knjaz Miloš AD majority stake (58%) was bought in 2004 by FPP Balkan Ltd. consortium.[1]

In December 2006, Knjaz Miloš AD obtained an ISO 22000 certification for food safety, the first company to obtain this certification in Serbia.

Imported in United States exclusivelly by : A.B Company, Inc.

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