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InnoMed PredTox
Innovative Medicines for Europe - Predictive Toxicology
Keywords Toxicogenomics, Drug development, Pre-clinical development
Funding agency European Commission
Project type Integrated Project
Reference FP6-518170
Objective Assess the value of combining results from omics technologies together with the results from more conventional toxicology methods for more informed decision making in preclinical safety evaluation
Participants EFPIA (coordinator),

EFPIA Companies
Bayer Schering Pharma
Johnson and Johnson
Merck Serono
Novo Nordisk

University of Würzburg
University College Dublin
Hacettepe University

Technology Providers

Budget Overall: 8 Mio. EUR


Duration 1 October 2005 - 31 January 2009
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InnoMed PredTox is a joint Industry and European Commission collaboration to improve drug safety. The consortium is composed of 15 research groups from 12 pharmaceutical companies, three academic institutions and two technology providers. The goal of InnoMed PredTox is to assess the value of combining results from omics technologies together with the results from more conventional toxicology methods for more informed decision making in preclinical safety evaluation.

The project was initiated in October 2005 with a term of 40 month. It receives funding as an Integrated Project under the Sixth Framework Programme. The project had been set up jointly by the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) and the European Commission as a pilot project for the subsequent design of the Innovative Medicines Initiative[1][2]

As part of InnoMed PredTox the partners ran a series of regular 14 days toxicological studies in rats with daily dosing. The compounds had been selected representing compounds with promising drug-like properties but that had been terminated due to toxic effects on the liver and/or kidneys.

The project collected and jointly analysed transcriptomics, proteomics, metabonomics and conventional toxicological data on 14 failed drug candidates together with two reference compounds[3], troglitazone[4] and gentamicin[5]. As data integration across different data areas and technology platforms is considered a prerequisite to building a consistent standardised data schema for joint analysis[6] all project data are stored in a database[7] custom developed by Genedata.

Joint research activities like InnoMed PredTox are seen by the pharmaceutical industry as the most promising approach to increasing the number of generally accepted, measurable indicators biomarkers of toxic (side-) effects. In particular, as the consortia facilitate the efficient exchange of experience in this pre-competitive area of drug development and early involvement of regulatory authorities like the FDA and EMEA.[8]


Status: August 2008

Date Event
5 July 2005 Consortium Formation
1 October 2005 Official project start
28 November 2005 Selection of Study Compounds
7 April 2006 Start in vivo studies
10 October 2006 PredTox Database goes live
5 March 2007 Reporting of in vivo studies
9 July 2007 Reporting of Transcriptomics results
1 October 2007 Reporting of Proteomics results
14 January 2008 Formation of Expert Working Groups
21 July 2008 Reporting of individual integrated analyses per compound study
13 October 2008 Reporting of concluding study reports and discussion of project summary and conclusions


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