Inferior vesical artery

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Artery: Inferior vesical artery
The arteries of the pelvis.
Latin arteria vesicalis inferior
Gray's subject #155 615
Supplies Prostate, seminal vesicle, urinary bladder, vas deferens
Source Internal iliac artery   
Vein Vesical venous plexus
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The inferior vesical artery is an artery in the pelvis that supplies the lower part of the bladder.


The inferior vesical artery is a branch (direct or indirect) of the anterior division of the internal iliac artery. It frequently arises in common with the middle rectal artery, and is distributed to the fundus of the bladder. In males, it also supplies the prostate and the seminal vesicles. The branches to the prostate communicate with the corresponding vessels of the opposite side.


The inferior vesical artery is present in both males and females. Many texts, however, consider it to be found only in males, and cite the vaginal artery as the homologous structure in females. Other texts have the inferior vesical artery in females as a small branch of a vaginal artery.

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