Inferior transverse ligament of scapula

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Ligament: Inferior transverse ligament of scapula
Gray205 left scapula lateral view.png
Left scapula. Lateral view. (Ligament not visible, but sites of attachements of the ligament can be seen.)
Latin ligamentum transversum scapulae inferius
Gray's subject #82 317
From spine of scapula
To glenoid cavity
Dorlands/Elsevier l_09/12493451

The inferior transverse ligament (spinoglenoid ligament) is a weak membranous band, situated behind the neck of the scapula and stretching from the lateral border of the spine to the margin of the glenoid cavity.

It forms an arch under which the transverse scapular vessels and suprascapular nerve enter the infraspinatous fossa.

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