Inferior anal nerves

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Nerve: Inferior anal nerves
The superficial branches of the internal pudendal artery. (Inferior anal nerves visible but not labeled.)
Sacral plexus of the right side. (Hemorrhoidal branch of pudic labeled at bottom right.)
Latin nervi anales inferiores, nervi rectales inferiores, nervus haemorrhoidalis inferior
Gray's subject #213 968
Innervates    Rectum
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The Inferior rectal nerves (inferior anal nerves, inferior hemorrhoidal nerve) usually branch from the pudendal nerve but occasionally arises directly from the sacral plexus; they cross the ischiorectal fossa along with the inferior hemorrhoidal vessels, toward the anal canal and the lower end of the rectum, and is distributed to the Sphincter ani externus and to the integument around the anus.

Branches of this nerve communicate with the perineal branch of the posterior femoral cutaneous and with the posterior scrotal nerves at the forepart of the perineum.

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