Greater sciatic foramen

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Greater sciatic foramen
Articulations of pelvis, anterior view, with greater sciatic foramen (labeled in red) and its boundaries.
Muscles of the gluteal and posterior femoral regions, piriformis labeled
Latin foramen ischiadicum majus
Gray's subject #80 309
Dorlands/Elsevier f_12/12373169

The greater sciatic foramen is a major foramen of the pelvis.


It is bounded as follows:


It is partially filled up, in the recent state, by the Piriformis which leaves the pelvis through it.

The following structures make their exit from the pelvis through the greater sciatic foramen:

Location Name Vessels Nerves
Above the Piriformis suprapiriform foramen[1][2] superior gluteal vessels superior gluteal nerve
Below the Piriformis infrapiriform foramen[3][2] inferior gluteal vessels
internal pudendal vessels
inferior gluteal nerve
pudendal nerve
sciatic nerve
posterior femoral cutaneous nerve
Nerve to obturator internus
Nerve to quadratus femoris

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