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A gnathodynamometer (or occlusometer) is an instrument for measuring the force exerted in closing the jaws.

A bimeter gnathodynamometer is one with an adjustable central-bearing point.

As per the inventor's design study, the instrument works well "in measuring maximal bite force and masticatory efficiency of incisor and molar teeth, respectively."

Sharks are baited into biting hard plastic sheets, which are brought to the laboratory. The depth of the indentations shows the force of the bite. The inventor is JN Snodgrass.

Experiments carried out with a Snodgrass gnathodynamometer at the Lerner Marine Laboratory in Bimini, Bahamas revealed that a 2m 6ft 6 ¾ in long dusky shark (Carcharhinus obscurus) could exert a force of 60 kg/132 lb between its jaws. This is the Strongest Bite Guinness World Record.

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