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X ray is a very easy and cost effective investigation while evaluating fever of unknown origin after laboratory investigations are done, the next best investigation of choice is X ray which may be helpful in some cases finding out cause of FUO. [1][2]

X Ray

  1. There may be air fluid level or cavities on chest x ray in case Tuberculosis is the cause of FUO.[3]
  2. Widened mediastinum may be seen on chest x ray in case Hodgkin lymphoma is the cause of FUO.
  3. Widened mediastinum is seen in case of giant cell temporal arteritis ( a cause of FUO) on chest x-ray is it can cause aortic dissection and aneurysm.
  4. Interstitial pattern is seen on chest x ray is seen in CMV or mycobacteria infection especially in people with HIV associated FUO.


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