Dorsal carpometacarpal ligaments

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Ligament: Dorsal carpometacarpal ligaments
Ligaments of wrist. Posterior view.
Latin ligamenta carpometacarpalia dorsalia
Gray's subject #88 330
From carpus
To metacarpus
Dorlands/Elsevier l_09/12491837

The dorsal carpometacarpal ligaments, the strongest and most distinct carpometacarpal ligaments, connect the carpal and metacarpal bones on their dorsal surfaces.

  • The second metacarpal bone receives two fasciculi, one from the greater, the other from the lesser multangular.
  • The third metacarpal receives two, one each from the lesser multangular and capitate.
  • The fourth two, one each from the capitate and hamate.
  • The fifth receives a single fasciculus from the hamate, and this is continuous with a similar ligament on the volar surface, forming an incomplete capsule.

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