Cuboid bone

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Bone: Cuboid bone
The left cuboid. Antero-medial view.
The left cuboid. Postero-lateral view
Latin os cuboideum
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The cuboid bone is one of seven tarsal bones.


Distally, the Cuboid articulates with the fourth and fifth metatarsals, forming the fourth and fifth tarsometatarsal joints.

Proximally, it articulates with the calcaneus, forming the calcaneocuboid joint.

The medial surface of the bone articulates with both the lateral cuneiform bone and the navicular bone.

The inferior surface has a groove on its distal third for the tendon of the peroneous longus muscles.

The calcaneocuboid joint is a vital link in lateral foot stability. The calcaneocuboid joint is formed by the calcaneus and cuboid bones. This joint is susceptible to sudden injury or chronic strain, which can cause this joint to partially dislocate or subluxate.


The cuboid can be subluxated downward causing a swollen kind of ache along the central portion of the lateral border of the foot.

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