Capsule (anatomy)

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A capsule, in anatomy, is a cover or envelope partly or wholly surrounding a structure. Types of capsules include:

  • the shell of an egg (biology)
  • joint capsules - every diarthrodial joint possesses a fibrous or ligamentous capsule, lined with synovial membrane, attached to the adjacent ends of the articulating bones
  • the sac which encloses the crystalline lens of the eye
  • Glisson's capsule, a thin areolar coat of fibrous tissue lying inside the tunica serosa of the liver
  • Bowman's capsules (or glomerular capsules) in the kidney substance
  • the renal capsule (also known as Gerota's fascia), a tough fibrous layer surrounding the kidney and covered in a thick layer of perinephric adipose tissue
  • the suprarenal capsules, two small flattened organs in the epigastric region
  • the internal, external and extreme capsules of the brain
  • the outer surface of a benign tumor