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Child Rights and You America (formerly Child Relief and You) is an independent, non-religious, non-political, 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization in the United States. It works towards restoring basic rights to underprivileged children, especially from India. It is affiliated with Child Rights and You, a non-profit organization in India. CRY focuses mainly on 4 basic rights which were defined by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child(CRC), an international human rights treaty which has been ratified by 192 countries including India.

The CRC is built on certain "foundation principles" that underpin all other children's rights. The CRC confers the following basic rights on all children across the world, without discrimination:

  • The right to survival to life, health, nutrition, name and nationality
  • The right to development to education, care, leisure, recreation
  • The right to protection from exploitation, abuse, neglect
  • The right to participation to expression, information, thought and religion.

CRY America works to ensure these rights to all categories of underprivileged children, who could be street children, children bonded in labor, children of commercial sex workers, physically and mentally challenged children and children in juvenile institutions.

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CRY America's role in these partnerships goes beyond mere funding. We draw on the grant management services of CRY, our partner in India, to ensure optimal utilization of funds and enhancement of the quality of the supported initiatives.

Project Name State Country Grant Amt

Boys and Girls Clubs of America [BGCA] All 50 States USA 35,000

Children Welfare Society (CWS) Uttar Pradesh India 33,737

Collective Action for Rural Development (CAFORD) Andhra Pradesh India 34,437

Disha Orissa India 16,695

Don Bosco Anbu Illam Social Service Society Tamilnadu India 19,725

JAGRUTHI (Tsunami Support) Andhra Pradesh India 14,489

Kalapandhari Magasvargiya & Adivasi Gramin Vikas Maharashtra India 51,044

Mahan Seva Sansthan Rajasthan India 22,986

Mahila Mandal Barmer Agor (MMBA) Rajasthan India 8,599


SATHEE - Society for Advancement in Tribes, Health, Education, Environment Jharkhand India 17,853

Save the Children (Hurricane Katrina Support) 3 States USA 20,000

Shramika Vikas Kendram (SVK) Andhra Pradesh India 25,280

Society for Help Entire Lower and Rural People (Tsunami Support) Andhra Pradesh India 16,044

SPREAD - Society for Promotion of Rural Education and Development Orissa India 13,869

The Community Services Guild (Tsunami Support) Tamil Nadu India 50,969

Vatsalya Rajasthan India 22,594

Vikramshila Education Resource Society (VERS) West Bengal India 60,000

Youth Council for Development Alternatives (YCDA) Orissa India 23,056

CRY (Grant Management Services for 9 projects in India ) 34,819 CRY (Tsunami Grant Management Services) 8, 133