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Dr. Bridget A. Taylor

Bridget Taylor is the founder of the Alpine Learning Group (a private school for autistic children in Paramus, New Jersey), researcher on and practitioner of Applied Behavior Analysis.


Taylor completed her Masters degree in Early Childhood Special Education from Columbia University, and received a PhD in Psychology from Rutgers University. Dr. Taylor is also a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)[1] and has specialized in the education and treatment of children with autism for over nineteen years. [2]

Taylor is a research practitioner of Applied Behavior Analysis, a method which is used to teach autistic children skills. As a graduate student at Columbia University Taylor employed ABA therapy in the treatment of autistic children, which is notably documented in the 1994 book Let Me Hear Your Voice.

Alpine Learning Group

The Alpine Learning Group co-founded by Taylor is a highly regarded [3][4][5] education and treatment center for children with autism. Dr. Taylor serves as Executive Director.

The Alpine Learning Group was co-founded by Taylor with a group of parents of children with autism who were unable to acquire appropriate educational programs for their children. The founders are: Fred Bunker, Debra Gladstone, Mark Gladstone, Linda S. Meyer, Bridget A. Taylor. The Alpine Learning Group opened the doors to its first four students in 1988. In 2007 the enrollment is 28 students with autism ranging in age for 3 to 21. ALG offers services to additional families and students through their Outreach Program.

In 2005, Ilene Lainer and Laura Slatkin obtained approval to open a charter school in Manhattan for children with autism. the New York Center for Autism Charter School is the first public school in NYC which exclusively serves the needs of autisic children. The Alpine Learning Group is the educational model for the charter school. [6]

Research and advisory activities

Taylor has served on the editorial board of the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, a scientific journal dedicated towards the study of Applied Behavior Analysis, and as of 2007 is serving on the editorial board of the journal Behavioral Interventions. She is also a member of the Autism Advisory Group for the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies . Taylor has authored many research articles and book chapters related to autism. Her research articles are well documented in JABA and are cited by many users on Google Scholar [7]

She is a regular presenter at national and international conferences, including The Organization For Autism Research Conference, [8] Early Intervention in Nova Scotia, [9]Arbutus Coast British Columbia. [10] Hackensack University Medical Center, Ontario Adult Autism Research And Support.[11]

Advisory boards

Taylor is serving on the advisory board of The Elija School in Bethpage, New York, where in 2005 she was awarded the school's Chariot Award for her contributions to the field of autism and Applied Behavior Analysis.[12] She is also serving on the advisory board of the Australian school, Woodbury Autism Education And Research. as well as the expert panel of the Autism Education Network. Taylor has contributed her experience and input in the service of many organizations who provide information to the public regarding the use of ABA Therapy: Some of these are Autism Speaks, Association For Behavior Analysis International. Dr. Taylor also serves on the expert panel of the National Autism Center [13].

Research Articles And Publications

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