Beryllium iodide

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Template:Chembox new Beryllium iodide is the chemical compound with the formula BeI2. It is very hygroscopic and reacts violently with water, forming hydroiodic acid.


Beryllium iodide can be prepared by reacting beryllium metal with elemental iodine at temperatures of 500°C to 700°C[1]:

Be + I2 → BeI2

Beryllium iodide is also formed when beryllium carbide with hydrogen iodide in the gas phase:

Be2C + 4 HI → 2 BeI2 + CH4

The iodine in beryllium iodide is easily replaced with the other halogens; it reacts with fluorine giving beryllium fluoride and fluorides of iodine, with chlorine giving beryllium fluoride, and with bromine giving beryllium bromide. The solid and vapor are both flammable in air[2].



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