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An Aura-Soma equilibrium bottle (yellow over clear)

Aura-Soma is a method of chromotherapy and a divination system based on colour, devised by British pharmacist and chiropodist Vicky Wall. It shares similarities with other forms of divination such as tarot, the I Ching and the Kabbalah, and many of the concepts from Jungian psychology and other studies of mythology have also been related to the system. While not claiming healing in the sense of Acupuncture or other remedial systems, practitioners regard it as able to help identify the answer to what lies behind disease (referred to as dis-ease).

The central idea of Aura-Soma is that colour is a unifying universal language which relates to all other theologies and schools of psychology.[1] It is part of the underlying order of the universe. Colour is a means by which connections can be made, with each colour relating to a different aspect of life. Practitioners attach great spiritual significance and psychological connotations to colour combinations chosen by an individual.

In traditional systems, such as the Chakras, colour is related to the different parts of the body and their underlying physical structure. Each of these physical attributes in turn is related to emotional, mental and spiritual states.

Colour combinations are represented by two-tone bottles known as equilibrium bottles. These bottles are made from two colours of organic oil and water (usually two different colours, but some bottles are monotone).[2] Each bottle represents a series of symbolic, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical concepts defined by its two colours. The bottles are numbered from 0 to 105 (currently, more are being regularly added), and each has a name. The bottles are named after associated series of figures, such as the major arcana of the Tarot and the Seven Archangels.


The first Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottle was brought forth by Vicky Wall in 1983. She was 66 years old at the time and had become clinically blind.[3] Wall claimed she could see auras around people, plants and animals and also that she had retained this ability even after the loss of her vision. Ms. Wall developed the coloured bottle system and asserted that the selection by the user may reveal their gifts, challenges and opportunities.

Over time the colour care system has come to include pomanders, oils, essences and sprays, all colour-related. These items are not held to have strict medical use, they are symbolic in nature. The theory being that if the practitioner can draw the state of mind of a client out through colour, then the application of appropriate colour in the life of the client can also have a restorative or healing psychosomatic effect.

Aura-Soma is looked upon by its practitioners as a constantly developing system. New bottles and methods are added to the system on an infrequent basis. In addition it is thought to reflect what is emerging for the collective as well as individuals.

After the initial start in 1983, Aura-Soma spread from the UK, becoming established in Denmark, Germany, the United States, Australia, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Korea, China and South America.


Chakras and their corresponding positions on the human body

The standard divination process for Aura-Soma is based on the equilibrium bottles. The user picks four bottles one after another while faced with the full selection to choose from,[4] and the practitioner then interprets the meaning of their selection. The order in which they are chosen is important:

  • The first bottle represents the self, or a description of the user's current state of being
  • The second represents the user's hidden gifts as well as their biggest obstacles
  • The third represents their present energy, which gives a method which can be used to overcome their obstacles
  • The fourth represents the energy that they are drawing toward them; the future that they are trying to create for themselves though overcoming the obstacles.

Afterwards, the user picks one of the four bottles which they use as an ointment, by shaking the bottle and applying the fusion of the oil and water to the parts of their body whose Chakras correspond to the colours of the bottle. This aids them with one area of disease which will help them achieve the outcome of the four bottle spread. Since much emphasis is on the obstacle, the second bottle is usually chosen.

While sounding superficially like the processes of other systems like Tarot, practitioners of Aura-Soma do not regard it as fortune-telling, but instead to be more like a counselling method, similar to the Lüscher color test, Rorschach inkblot test and other similar psychological methods of accessing the unconscious mind as separate to the conscious mind. Aura-Soma is not, however, a science or branch of psychology.

Practitioners and Teachers

There is an Aura-Soma Code of Practice that is regulated by the Art & Science International Academy of Colour Therapeutics (ASIACT). ASIACT maintains a practitioner register and issues certificates to those who work according to this code. Each certificate is valid for two years. A current certificate shows that the practitioner is continuing to be updated in the Aura-Soma system and works according to the practices set out by the Academy.

Practitioner training currently comprises 4 levels. Levels 1, 2 and 3 each involve attendance at an accredited course. Each level involves broader and more detailed instruction in Aura-Soma. Level 4 involves the completion of a piece of original research on colour, together with presentation of a required number of case records and researched responses to colour related questions. A practitioner's level of training is featured on their certificate.

Students may become practitioners at any time after the completion of Level 2, regulated by laid down guidelines. At Level 4 the practitioner has demonstrated experience of working with Aura-Soma and understanding of the principles of Aura-Soma and may develop a full public practice. Practitioners and teachers can be found at the ASIACT website.

The bottle system is now governed by a central company (called Aura-Soma Products LTD) and the term 'Aura-Soma' is a registered trademark of that company. It is currently managed by Mike Booth.

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