Anterior compartment of the forearm

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Anterior compartment of the forearm
Cross-section through the middle of the forearm. (Anterior compartment is at top; posterior compartment is at bottom.)
Artery ulnar artery
Nerve median nerve (anterior interosseous nerve), ulnar nerve (muscular branches of ulnar nerve)

The anterior compartment of the forearm contains the following muscles:

Level Muscle E/I Nerve
superficial flexor carpi radialis E median
superficial palmaris longus E median
superficial flexor carpi ulnaris E ulnar
superficial pronator teres I median
superficial (or intermediate) flexor digitorum superficialis E median
deep flexor digitorum profundus E ulnar + median
deep flexor pollicis longus E median
deep pronator quadratus I median
  • "E/I" refers to "extrinsic" or "intrinsic".

The muscles are largely involved with flexion and pronation. The superficial muscles have their origin on the common flexor tendon.

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