Al-Huda Islamic Charitable Trust

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Al-Huda Islamic Charitable Trust - HICT


Motto Let's make it better for all.
Established July 1998
Type Charitable, Trust, Non-Profitable Organisation,
Staff Baher Zaghlool (Chair),
Location Christchurch, New Zealand

The Al-Huda Islamic Charitable Trust - (HICT) of Canterbury was established in Christchurch in July 1998. HICT is a charitable non-profitable organisation that offers variety of educational and cultural services to New Zealand Cantabrians.

Al-Huda is an Arabic word means "guidance".[1]

HICT is the parent organisation of Al-Huda Islamic School (HIS).[2]

HIS offers educational services and social studies and activities to all residents of Canterbury whom are interested in learning Arabic language, Cultural Studies, Islamic architecture, Islamic Aesthetics, Arabesque and Islamic Calligraphy.

Al-Huda Islamic Charitable Trust, Inc. is supported by the Christchurch City Council,[3] the Canterbury Community Trust,[4] and user donations.

HICT history

HICT was established in July 1998 endeavouring teaching Arabic Language in Christchurch to school-age children of the expanded Islamic community in Canterbury. In 2002, HICT went through major restructuring that added cultural studies to HIS offered curricula, such as Arabic Calligraphy, Islamic Architecture and Islamic Art. In 2005, HIS offered teaching Arabic Language for adults.

Principles and objectives of HICT

  1. Maintain close contacts and communication with governmental and non governmental organisations, public domains and private entities and organisations seeking addressing the needs of HICT's extended community.
  2. Oversee running HIS by providing for its organisational and funding needs, staffing, obtaining proper curricula and teaching material.

HICT executive

  • Baher Zaghlool, Chair.[5]
  • Hannah Achram, Secetary.
  • Kamal Hend, Treasurer.

Principles and objectives of HIS

  1. Maintain the cultural identity of our extended community as an enriching dimension, while bridging with the New Zealand culture by emphasis on similarities for better adhering and integration within the New Zealand Society.
  2. Provide out-of-school care in form of educational, social and sporting activities to the attendees with a get-together space, competitive social activities plus teaching Arabic which was provided indiscriminately to Arabs and non-Arabs. We always extend an open invitation to anyone who would be interested to join our activities or study Arabic.
  3. Providing for sound bi-cultural youngsters who will promote and facilitate trade and cultural ties with the Middle East in near future, where these ties are progressing ahead with New Zealand opening up new embassies in Egypt and others. Furthermore, recent trends show New Zealand becoming a premier destination for graduate and post-graduate academic studies for students from the Middle East, which will require better understanding and promotion.

HIS geographic location

HIS is located in Hagley Community College[6] in central Christchurch. HIS is located in in Block E, Classrooms E5 to E7. The shortest way to our classes is from Stewart Street off St Asaph Street (Hagley Park end).

HIS teaching staff

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