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Aerobics is a form of exercise that comprises rhythmic aerobic exercise with stretching and strength training components in order to improve all elements of fitness (flexibility, muscle strength, and cardio-vascular fitness). It is typically performed to music in a group setting with a leader, although it can be practiced solo and without musical accompaniment.

Within each type of fitness being targeted, practitioners go through variable routines comprising a number of different exercises. Proponents of aerobics cite staving off boredom and working out the whole body as two of the advantages of aerobics over other types of exercise. The reputedly higher safety factor inherent in a fitness routine led and overseen by a trained professional is another.[citation needed]

Formal aerobics 'classes' led by aerobics instructors are often divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced classes, with different routines and fitness goals for each, and many aerobics classes allow participants to modify their level of participation in line with their fitness level.

Aerobics is a form of exercise that is typically associated with weight loss. Properly executed, it improves fitness, but doesn't contribute measurably to specialised athletic training. More women than men practice aerobics. Although aerobics is typically practiced to music, it is not to be confused with jazzercise or other dance-based workouts.

The main internationally governing body is the Féderation International de Gymnastique,based in Liège, Belgium. It was formed in 1881, making it the oldest sporting federation. Italian Bruno Gandi is the current president.

Aerobic and health

Research has shown that aerobics is one of the healthiest forms of exercise. The literal meaning of aerobics is with oxygen i.e aerobics helps us to use oxygen more efficiently by conditioning the heart and lungs. This helps in the reduction of stress and weight control. Aerobic exercises have a wide range of benefits such as it encourages cardiovascular and muscular fitness and increases flexibility. Aerobics workouts are great for building a stronger heart and leaner body, lowering cholesterol and improving sleep patterns.

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