Ad libitum

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Ad libitum is Latin for "at one's pleasure"; often shortened to 'Ad lib' (as an adjective or adverb), or 'ad-lib' (as a verb or noun). There is a less commonly used synonym, a bene placito.


Ad libitum is also used in psychology and biology to refer to the "free-feeding" weight of an animal, as opposed, for example, to the weight after a restricted diet. For example, "The rat's ad libitum weight was about 320 grams." In nutritional studies, this phrase denotes providing an animal free access to feed or water thereby allowing the animal to self-regulate intake according to its biological needs. For example, "Rats were given ad libitum access to food and water."

In biological field studies it can also mean that information or data was obtained spontaneously without a specific method.

Medical prescriptions may use the abbreviation ad lib. to indicate "freely" or that as much as one desires should be used.

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