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Voss is a Norwegian brand of bottled water, bottled in Vatnestrøm, Norway.

Established by Norwegians Ole Christian Sandberg and Christopher Harlem, VOSS is a brand of artesian water from Norway, which is marketed as "one of the purest waters on the market."

Voss water is bottled and marketed by Voss of Norway ASA, a Norwegian Limited Company, headquartered in Oslo, Norway. Key management include CEO Morthen Johannessen, founder Ole Christian Sandberg, VP Operations Stian Kjellemyr Eilertsen, VP International Sales Siri Titlestad, VP Emerging Markets Thomas Weeden and Legal Counsel Gard Skogstrøm Andreassen. The organization in the United States is headed by Ole Chr. Sandberg.

Voss is marketed globally but with a focussed on the United States and Europe.

Voss of Norway ASA also owns Energy Group AS, the company behind G Pure Energy, an energy drink available in the United States.

The board of directors of Voss of Norway ASA consists of chairman Knut Brundtland and directors Eva Kempe-Forsberg, Arne Hjeltnes, Hadley Mullin and Andreas Boquist.

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