Vincula tendina

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Vincula tendina
Tendons of forefinger and vincula tendina. (Vincula brevia labeled at lower left; vincula longa labeled at bottom center.)
Latin vincula tendinum digitorum manus
Gray's subject #125 449
Dorlands/Elsevier v_08/12857208

Within each osseo-aponeurotic canal the tendons of the Flexor digitorum superficialis (Flexores digitorum sublimis although accurate is no longer a common description) and profundus are connected to each other, and to the phalanges, by slender, tendinous bands, called vincula tendina. There are two sets of these:

  • (b) the vincula longa, which connect the under surfaces of the tendons of the Flexor digitorum profundus to those of the subjacent Flexor digitorum superficialis after the tendons of the former have passed through the latter.

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