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Template:Football club infobox University of Northampton Hockey Club Re-Founded in 2005 after the University College Northampton became the University of Northampton, it is not known the exact date of its original formation but evidence place it in 1975 with the foundation of a teacher training college called Nene College.

The team is most famous for its European record including winning the student European championship plate known as the Calella Plate in the 2006-07 season and finishing runners up the year before.

Prominent former captains, and still fans favourites; Lewis Done nicknamed "Wonderboy" and Andrew Paul Harris nicknamed "MLT" saved the club from financial administration and being disbanded because of poor organisation and lack of players from the disastrous previous year, then to lead the team into Europe and finishing runners up in the Callela Plate. Under the guidance of Done and Harris, Luke Meaton led the team to win the European final for the 2006-07 season.

The Hockey Club has fierce rivalry with the two Leicester Universities De Montfort University and University of Leicester. The Club also boasts a tight friendship with two local clubs Northampton Saints Hockey Club and Northampton Lions Hockey Club. The clubs share players for the Saturday Leagues.

Other notable captains and players include Simon John Harris nicknamed "BLT", Simon Hammond nicknamed "Monkey", Tommas Hewitt "Rooney", Riki Wessels and Matthew Oliver

The club also boasts a successful women's team, and fields a mixed squad every Saturday during the season in a local league.

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