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Editor-In-Chief: C. Michael Gibson, M.S., M.D. [1]

Linking to a page translation

  • There are currently wiki docs in development in English, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, and Chinese.
  • To include a link to a translation of a page (whether or not the translation yet exists), insert (for each language) a line as follows:

[[es:Name of Page in Spanish]]

  • As with Categories, it is convention to insert these lines near the bottom of the wiki page.
  • The link will add the language toolbar to the page and include the appropriate inter-language link.
  • The 2-letter code per language is as follows:
  • es : Spanish
  • en : English
  • zh : Chinese
  • ru : Russian
  • ro : Romanian
  • If you would like us to consider starting a wiki doc in another language, leave a note in language requests to that effect. The site administrators will consider your request.

Potential Translation Problems

General Problems

Though translation itself can be very difficult, there are some additional problem that could arise such as:

  • Problems with the source text
  • Changes made to the text during the translation process
  • Illegible text
  • Misspelled or misprinted text
  • Incomplete text
  • Poorly written text
  • Missing references in the text (for example the translator is to translate captions to missing photos)
  • The source text contains a translation of a quotation that was originally made in the target language, and the original text is unavailable, making word-for-word quoting nearly impossible
  • Obvious inaccuracies in the source text (for example "prehistoric Buddhist ruins", when Buddhism was not founded during prehistoric times)

Language Problems

  • Dialect terms and Neologisms (reshaping older language terms into a newer language form)
  • Unexplained acronyms and abbreviations
  • Obscure jargon(slang)

Other problems

  • Rhymes, puns and poetic meters
  • Highly specific cultural terms
  • Subtle but important properties of language such as euphony (prose) or dissonance (deliberate avoidance of repeated vowel sounds)

This information courtesy of Wikipedia and its contributors,version ID=36515590