South Australian Ambulance Service

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SA Ambulance Service
Agency overview
Jurisdiction Government of South Australia
Employees 2,500+
Agency Executive Mr Chris Lemmer, Chief Executive

SAAS is an independent organization that providies clinical care and health related transport services to over 1.5 million people in South Australia, distributed across an area of 1,043,514 square kilometres in South Australia, Australia.

The service employs approximately 1000 people, and utilizes 1500 volunteers, working out of 200 locations, operating 316 ambulance vehicles to provide emergency, non-emergency, aeromedical, rescue and retrieval services across the entire state.

Ambulance types

SAAS is known to operate a variety of emergency and non emergency vehicles across the state, which reportedly travel in excess of 4 million kilometres each year:

  • Emergency Ambulances

Mercedes Sprinter Vans operate around metropolitan areas whereas country areas use a variety of Ford F250's, Ford F350's and Mercedes Sprinter Vans.

  • Ambulance Transport Service

Ford Transit vans are used by the Ambulance Transport Service. These vehicles do not carry the same equipment as standard emergency ambulances.

  • Special Operations Team

SOT use a variety of 4WD type vehicles as do Shift Managers and Commanders.

  • Airwing

SAAS operate several fixed wing aircraft, supported by the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia, and operate 3 rescuce helicopters

Special Operations Team

Special Operations Team (SOT) rescue paramedics are trained in high-risk rescue procedures. They work closely with other emergency services and the South Australian Police STAR Division.


The SAAS State Communications Centre in based Adelaide, who primarily answer Emergency triple-zero calls, and coordinate the States Ambulance resources. Communications also coordinates the dispatch of the Adelaide Bank State Rescue Helicopter Service. Communications provide hospitals with information on clients of the MedicAlert foundation, coordinate calls from the Divers' Emergency Service Network and SA Trauma Service.

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