Semispinalis capitis

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Semispinalis capitis
Section of the neck at about the level of the sixth cervical vertebra. Showing the arrangement of the fascia coli. (Semispinalis capitis visible at bottom right.)
Deep muscles of the back. Semispinalis muscles labeled. Semispinalis capitis is the upper of the labeled ones.
Latin musculus semispinalis capitis
Gray's subject #115 400
Origin: Transversal process of lower cervical and higher thoracal columna
Insertion: Area between superior and inferior nuchal line
Nerve: Greater occipital nerve
Action: Extend the head
Dorlands/Elsevier m_22/12550702

The Semispinalis capitis (Complexus) is situated at the upper and back part of the neck, beneath the Splenius, and medial to the Longissimus cervicis and capitis.

It arises by a series of tendons from the tips of the transverse processes of the upper six or seven thoracic and the seventh cervical vertebræ, and from the articular processes of the three cervical above this.

The tendons, uniting, form a broad muscle, which passes upward, and is inserted between the superior and inferior nuchal lines of the occipital bone.

The medial part, usually more or less distinct from the remainder of the muscle, is frequently termed the Spinalis capitis; it is also named the Biventer cervicis since it is traversed by an imperfect tendinous inscription.

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