Rectus capitis posterior major muscle

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Rectus capitis posterior major muscle
Deep muscles of the back. (Rect. post. major visible at upper left.)
Latin musculus rectus capitis posterior major
Gray's subject #116 401
Origin: Spinous process of the axis (C2)
Insertion: Inferior nucheal line of the occipital bone
Nerve: Dorsal ramus of C1 (suboccipital nerve)
Dorlands/Elsevier m_22/12550460

The Rectus capitis posterior major (Rectus capitis posticus major) arises by a pointed tendon from the spinous process of the axis, and, becoming broader as it ascends, is inserted into the lateral part of the inferior nuchal line of the occipital bone and the surface of the bone immediately below the line.

As the muscles of the two sides pass upward and lateralward, they leave between them a triangular space, in which the Recti capitis posteriores minores are seen.

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