Quick Start Guide - Introduce yourself

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  1. Introduction  
  4. Join in!  

Current WikiDoc User Pages

  • Once you create a username, you have a User Page.
  • On this page you can tell everyone about yourself and your medical qualifications.
  • We recommend that you post a brief biography that includes your medical training, degree, specialty, research, or anything else you would like our users to know about you. Do not post your DEA number, medical license number or any other sensitive information
  • Learn how to insert your picture here.
  • This is also a page that your patients or co-workers can view if they perform a Google search on you.

WikiDoc Physician Space Page

  • Simply click here to see an example of a WikiDoc Physician Space Page.
  • You can click on your username at the very top of the page and edit it as desired.

Discussion Page

  • Every registered user has a discussion page (also known as a talk page). To view it, click on the red discussion tab at the top of the page.
  • You can leave messages to other users on their discussion page.
  • Occasionally, check your own discussion page (by clicking on the my talk link next to your user name at the top of the screen). This is where other members of the community may sometimes leave messages for you.
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