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Brain: Pulvinar
Hind- and mid-brains; postero-lateral view. (Pulvinar visible near top.)
Thalamic nuclei:
MNG = Midline nuclear group
AN = Anterior nuclear group
MD = Medial dorsal nucleus
VNG = Ventral nuclear group
VA = Ventral anterior nucleus
VL = Ventral lateral nucleus
VPL = Ventral posterolateral nucleus
VPM = Ventral posteromedial nucleus
LNG = Lateral nuclear group
PUL = Pulvinar
MTh = Metathalamus
LG = Lateral geniculate nucleus
MG = Medial geniculate nucleus
NeuroNames hier-311
MeSH Pulvinar
Dorlands/Elsevier p_42/12680162

The pulvinar is the caudal-most nucleus of the thalamus. The pulvinar is usually grouped as one of the lateral thalamic nuclei.


It is conventionally divided into oral, inferior, lateral, and medial subnuclei.

  • The lateral and inferior pulvinar have widespread connections with visual cortical association areas.
  • The oral pulvinar predominantly has connections with somatosensory cortical association areas.


Lesions of the pulvinar can result in neglect syndromes and attentional deficits.

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