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The term progenitor cell is used in cell biology and developmental biology to refer to immature or undifferentiated cells, typically found in post-natal animals. While progenitor cells share many common features with stem cells, the term is far less restrictive.

Progenitor cells versus Stem cells

Like stem cells, progenitor cells have a capacity for self-renewal and differentiation, although these properties may be limited.

Feature Stem cell Progenitor Cell
Self-renewal Unlimited Can be limited
Plasticity Pluripotent Unipotent or Multipotent

Embryonic stem cells are true stem cells in that they are pluripotent and show unlimited capacity for self-renewal. In contrast, many cells termed adult stem cells would be better defined as progenitor cells, as their capacities for unlimited self renewal and plasticity have not been comprehensively demonstrated.

Function of Progenitor cells

The majority of progenitor cells lie dormant or possess little activity in the tissue in which they reside. They exhibit slow growth and their main role is to replace cells lost by normal attrition.

Upon tissue damage or injury, progenitor cells can be activated by growth factors or cytokines, leading to increased cell division important for the repair process.

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