Parvocellular reticular nucleus

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Brain: Parvocellular reticular nucleus
Latin nucleus reticularis parvocellaris
NeuroNames hier-725
Dorlands/Elsevier n_11/12583080

The parvocellular reticular nucleus is located dorsolateral to the nucleus reticularis pontis caudalis.

The dorsal portion of the reticular nucleus has been shown to innervate the mesencephalic trigeminal nucleus and its surrounding area.

Also, it projects to the facial nucleus, hypoglossal nucleus and parabrachial nucleus along with parts of the caudal parvocellular reticular formation[1].

This nucleus is also involved in expiration with a part of the gigantocellular nucleus.


  1. Ter Horst, GJ et al. Projections from the rostral parvocellular reticular formation to pontine and medullary nuclei in the rat: involvement in autonomic regulation and orofacial motor control. Neuroscience. 1991;40(3):735-58.