Medial eminence

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Brain: Medial eminence
Rhomboid fossa. (Medial eminence visible but not labeled.)
Latin eminentia medialis fossae rhomboideae
Gray's subject #187 799
NeuroNames ancil-2137625571
Dorlands/Elsevier e_06/12328434

The rhomboid fossa is divided into symmetrical halves by a median sulcus which reaches from the upper to the lower angles of the fossa and is deeper below than above. On either side of this sulcus is an elevation, the medial eminence, bounded laterally by a sulcus, the sulcus limitans.

In the superior part of the fossa the medial eminence has a width equal to that of the corresponding half of the fossa, but opposite the superior fovea it forms an elongated swelling, the colliculus facialis, which overlies the nucleus of the abducent nerve, and is, in part at least, produced by the ascending portion of the root of the facial nerve.

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