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Igor A. Ledochowski, (born April 1, 1974) is an Austrian author, hypnotist & Master NLP Trainer. Ledochowski is probably most well-known for his work in the area of hypnosis and is credited as the founder of the 'Street Hypnosis' movement and for bringing many original concepts and techniques to the field of NLP.

Igor Ledochowski currently lives in Richmond, London, UK and is a devoted student of American Kenpo karate. He is the author of several acclaimed books and movements in the field of hypnosis.


After receiving his LLB in European Law from the University of Exeter (1996), Ledochowski stayed on to attend Law School and continue his education. In 1998 he was employed and mentored by the prestigious law firm Linklaters and became a solicitor.

During his enrolment at University and Law School, Ledochowski developed a keen interest in the field of accelerated learning in order to achieve academic success in his exam finals with the least amount of revision; he passed comfortably and was quickly offered employment. These early successes further spurred his curiosity in uncovering the abilities of the Human mind.

In 1999, a family member recommeded that he might do well to examine the field of Ericksonian Hypnosis, and he quickly found much of his free time dedicated to its study.

Motivated by his experiences and by his own quest, he terminated his position as a lawyer and sought out the stewardship of many of the world's most competent and influential hypnotists in order to further his knowledge in the area. Subsequently, by 2002 he had been mentored by Stephen Gilligan, Richard Bandler, John LaValle, Stephen Brooks, Paul McKenna and John Grinder.

By early 2002, Ledochowski, by admission of his peers, had quickly become one of the most skilled hypnotherapists in the United Kingdom and had been called in to teach Master classes in the science of mind skills to alumni at The London College of Clinical Hypnosis, the Association of Hypno-Analysts and the Hypnotherapy Association. At this time he worked extensively as a consultant for many Blue-Chip Organisations; including J. Sainsburys, Grant Thornton, Proctor & Gamble and BDO Stoy Haywards. In 2003, he released the criticallly acclaimed 'The Deep Trance Training Manual, Volume 1', which still remains one of the most practical and highly regarded texts on learning hypnosis.

Current activities

Ledochowski was the head trainer for NLP & Hypnosis of Easy Stop - a global company which helps to relieve people from smoking addictions and over-eating. In 2006, he began work on his latest concept, 'the iMethod', which alamagamtes a simple set of mind training exercises designed to lead an individual to master what they think, feel and do.



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