Flocculus (cerebellar)

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Brain: Flocculus
Schematic representation of the major anatomical subdivisions of the cerebellum. Superior view of an "unrolled" cerebellum, placing the vermis in one plane.
Under surface of the cerebellum. ("Flocculus" labeled at upper right.)
Gray's subject #187 791
Part of Cerebellum
System Vestibular
Artery PICA
NeuroNames hier-677
Dorlands/Elsevier f_09/12368554

The flocculus is a small lobe of the cerebellum at the posterior border of the middle cerebellar peduncle anterior to the biventer lobule.

It is associated with the nodulus of the vermis; together, these two structures compose the vestibular part of the cerebellum.

At its base, the flocculus receives input from the middle ears vestibular system and regulates balance. Many floccular projections descend to the spinal cord and connect to the motor nuclei involved in control of eye movement.

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