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Editor-In-Chief: C. Michael Gibson, M.S., M.D. [1] Associate Editor(s)-in-Chief: Charmaine Patel, M.D. [2]

Introduction to the Echocardiography or Ultrasound Page

  • The page name should be "(Disease name) Echocardiography" or "(Disease name) Ultrasound", with only the first letter of the title capitalized.
  • Goal: To provide a description o fall the applicable echocardiography and ultrasound tests related to the disease you are describing.
  • As with all microchapter pages linking to the main page, at the top of the edit box put {{CMG}}, your name template, and the microchapter navigation template you created at the beginning.
  • Remember to create links within Wikidoc by placing [[square brackets]] around key words which you want to link to other pages. For more information on how to create links click here.
  • Remember to follow the same format and capitalization of letters as outlined in the template below.
  • You should include the name of the disease in the first sentence of every subsection.


  • The overview section should include the disease name in the first sentence.
  • The goal is to summarize the echocardiography or ultrasound findings page in several sentences. This section can be the same as the echocardiography and ultrasound segment on the overview page.
  • To see an example of an overview section on a echocardiography page page, click here.


  • First Sentences:
There are no ultrasound findings associated with [disease name].
On [location] ultrasound, [disease name] is characterized by [ultrasound finding 1], [ultrasound finding 2], [ultrasound finding 3].
  • Examples:
Example 1: There are no ultrasound findings associated with knee osteoarthritis.
Example 2: On echocardiogram, acute pericarditis is characterized by pericardial effusion.

Key Echocardiography/Ultrasound Findings in (Disease Name)

  • Describe in detail the echocardiography or ultrasound findings that may be seen in the disease you are describing, as well as in sub-classifications of the disease, and associated conditions.
  • Describe how the echocardiography and ultrasound findings relate to the underlying pathophysiology of the disease.

Echocardiography/Ultrasound Examples of (Disease Name)


  • References should be cited for the material that you have put on your page. Type in {{reflist|2}}.This will generate your references in small font, in two columns, with links to the original article and abstract.
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