Dorsal spinocerebellar tract

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Dorsal spinocerebellar tract
File:Medulla spinalis - tracts - English.svg
Dorsal spinocerebellar tract is 4a, in blue at right.
Diagram of the principal fasciculi of the spinal cord. (Dorsal spinocerebellar fasciculus visible at center left.)
Latin tractus spinocerebellaris posterior, tractus spinocerebellaris dorsalis
Gray's subject #185 761
Dorlands/Elsevier t_15/12817203

The dorsal spinocerebellar tract (posterior spinocerebellar tract, Flechsig's fasciculus, Flechsig's tract) conveys proprioceptive information from the body to the cerebellum.

It is part of the somatosensory system and runs in parallel with the ventral spinocerebellar tract. Proprioceptive information is taken to the via central processes of dorsal root ganglia (first order neurons). These central processes travel through the dorsal horn where they synapse with second order neurons of Clarke's nucleus. Axon fibers from Clarke's Nucleus convey this proprioceptive information in the spinal cord in the peripheral region of the posteriolateral funiculus ipsilaterally until it reaches the cerebellum. where unconscious proprioceptive information is processed.

This tract involves two neurons and ends up on the same side of the body.

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