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The main article for this category is Anti-psychiatry.

Anti-psychiatry is the opposition to the current practices of psychiatry; this opposition may be based simply on criticism of the methods that psychiatry uses to treat mental illness, or it may be based on a belief that "mental illness" is in fact a myth, that what society deems to be a patient's "mental illness" is more than likely to in fact be the patient subscribing to a different belief system than the society does. Because psychiatric medication is such a widely used treatment option for mental illness (and for conditions such as ordinary anxiety that may not rise to the level of "illness"), a great deal of anti-psychiatric focus is on pharmaceutical companies, which are suspected and sometimes directly accused of manipulating the medical community in order to increase the market for their products.

This category is for articles on people, organizations, concepts and things specifically associated with anti-psychiatry. Care should be taken not to add articles on subjects about which anti-psychiatry advocates may feel strongly, but which are more properly associated with psychiatry (as this would simply make the category redundant with Category:Psychiatry). For articles on the political abuse of psychiatry, consider using Category:Political abuses of psychiatry instead.