WikiDoc scholar program tracking changes you have made

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WikiDoc scholar program Microchapters



What Your Contribution Means

How to Contribute

Single Page vs. Microchapter

Project Checklist

Use of Templates

Tracking Changes You Have Made



Chapters' Lists

Reward System

Tracking Changes You Have Made

Reward System Classification

Letter of Recommendation



  • Authors can keep track of their activity and, if needed, can also quote their contribution.
  • Portals which enable the authors to do so are enlisted below:

1. Total Edit Count

  • To check the count of total edits made by any author, click here.
  • The image below can serve as a guide:
Type your username in the 'user search bar' and click submit (click to enlarge the screen capture).

2. Active Users List

  • This list shows the activity of users within the last 30 days.
  • To view the list, click here.

3. Recently Edited Pages

  • Users can view a list of the pages that have been recently edited.
  • To view this list, click here.