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List of Articles for which this editor has been appointed Editor-in-Chief HERE

Link to My Website {{#ev:youtube|7uUIGZxgmc0|100|left|Dr. Press gives the 1st ever Chiropractic Adjustment in the USSR - 1988}}
Dr. Stephen Press, DC, PhD, CCSP, FACSM, FICC, ICSSD

Wiki Work

I'm a practicing Chiropractic physician (33 years). And a BUREAUCRAT and Executive Technical Director, for the New York (Columbia P&S) based site called OurMed. The promotion was made by Florence Devouard (Anthere), former Chairman of the Wikimedia Board of Directors, who is one of the founding members of the OurMed BoD. More recently, OurMed's Chairman, Stan Prof. Stan Kachnowski, of Columbia's HITlab, invited me to become the new Executive Technical Director for OurMed, and I have accepted with gratitude.

Then very recently (Dec 2010), I discovered Wikidoc, and began editing articles. When I volunteered to be editor-in-chief for the Chiropractic section, instead of the usual medical snobbery and rebuff, I was welcomed by Dr. Gibson, who quickly realized that I could be helpful and so I was invited to become an Admin (SYSOP) on this site as well, and have entertained to revise the whole section on Chiropractic to bring it into the 21st century and reality. Previously it was merely a data dump from Wikipedia where forces are working to slander Chiropractic. Clearly Wikidoc is better than that.

Professional CV

I was chief physician for the "Unified Team" (former USSR) at the XVIth Winter Olympic Games in Albertville, France in 1992. Founded the World Governing body for Sports Chiropractic "FICS", Fédération Internationale de Chiropratique du Sport, now headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland at the Maison Internationale du Sports, and administered in Toronto, at the World Federation of Chropractic offices. I served on the Medical commissions of two IOC recognized World Sports Governing bodies; 1st as Chairman for the Fed. Int'l de Roller Sports, and then as Vice-Chairman for FIDE (Chess). Founded the, and co-founded Today, I serve as Board member/advisor, and webmaster for the International Sports Chiropractic Association, which is the liaison body interacting with the World Olympian's Association. Hobbies include: Biblical archeology, Clarinet, Cello, Pocket Billiards and Artist blacksmithing, making swords and medieval armor.

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