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Template:Mental and behavioral disorders


Template:2Cs Template:Amphetamines Template:Antidepressants

Template:Anxiolytics Template:Benzodiazepines

Template:Deliriants Template:Dissociative psychedelics Template:Drugs used in addictive disorders Template:Entactogens Template:Ergolines Template:Hallucinogenic lysergamides Template:Hallucinogenic mushrooms Template:Hallucinogenic phenethylamines Template:Hallucinogenic tryptamines

Template:Imidazopyridines Template:Methylenedioxyphenethylamines Template:Nootropics Template:PiHKAL Template:Psychostimulants, agents used for ADHD and nootropics Template:Selective serotonin reuptake enhancers Template:Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors Template:Stimulants Template:Sympathomimetic amines Template:TiHKAL Template:Tricyclic antidepressants