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This is the documentation page for Template:Infobox Hospital/doc.
When it is viewed directly, links using variables may appear broken; do not replace these with hardcoded page names or URLs.

1) You can copy-paste this empty template, which gives the infobox as displayed to the right.

{{Infobox Hospital
| Name        = {{PAGENAME}}
| Org/Group   = <!-- optional -->
| Image       = <!-- optional -->
| Caption     = <!-- optional -->
| map_type    = <!-- optional: uses the "Template:Location map" format; must have latitude and longitude if using this. -->
| latitude    = <!-- used only for adding a map, with map_type -->
| longitude   = <!-- used only for adding a map, with map_type -->
| Logo        = <!-- optional -->
| Location    = 
| Region      = <!-- e.g. County or City -->
| State       = <!-- optional UK: England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland. US: The US State -->
| Country     = 
| Coordinates = <!-- optional; use template coord with 'display=inline,title' -->
| HealthCare  = <!-- UK:NHS. AU/CA: Medicare. US:Medicare/Medicaid/Charity/Public. ELSE freetext, eg Private -->
| Type        = <!-- Community, District General, Teaching, Specialist -->
| Speciality  = <!-- if devoted to a speciality, i.e. not if has broad spectrum of specialities -->
| Standards   = <!-- optional if no national standards -->
| Emergency   = <!-- UK/IR/HK/SG: Yes/No, CA/US: I/II/III for Trauma certification level -->
| Affiliation = <!-- Medical School and University affiliations (medical or paramedical) -->
| Beds        = 
| Founded     = 
| Closed      = <!-- optional -->
| Website     = <!-- 'None' or http URL -->
| Wiki-Links  = <!-- optional -->

2) None of the fields are obligatory. Fill in as many of the values as possible. Hence if "image =" is not defined then it will default to blank. Other parameters will default to Unknown.

Parameter ?Required if not defined F/T Freetext
W Wikified
P Processed
Name Required {{PAGENAME}} F/T .
Org/Group optional blank F/T UK: NHS=Trust/Health board, ELSE multiple-hospital organisation or group
Image optional blank W inserts picture 'Image:Image '
Caption optional blank F/T .
Width optional 225 F/T .
Logo optional blank W inserts picture 'Image:Logo '
Location Required location
&/or Region
Unknown F/T This parameter not wikified, but please move County/City & State details to Region & State parameters...
Region W This parameter is wikified if it exists
State optional blank W UK=England, Wales, Scotland or N.Ireland.
Country Required (?country) W see Wiki-links on Country/State parameter additional functionality
HealthCare Required Unknown F/T P Wikifies if UK=NHS. AU/CA=Medicare. US=Medicare/Medicaid/Charity/Public.
ELSE non-wikified freetext, eg 'Private'
Type Required Unknown F/T P 'General', 'District' or 'District General', 'Specialist' & 'Teaching' are wikilinked. Otherwise 'Community'
Affiliation Required Unknown F/T University or Medical School association
Standards optional blank F/T e.g. international ISO where absence of national standards
Certification depreciated blank F/T please switch US hospitals to Emergency parameter setting as relevant I, II or III level
Emergency Required Unknown F/T P UK/IR/HK/SG: if =Yes/No adds 'Accident & Emergency'
US:I/II/III links to Trauma certification level
Beds Required Unknown F/T .
Speciality Required Unknown F/T Only shown if Type=Specialist, If Type=Teaching then an optional parameter
Founded Required Unknown F/T .
Closed optional blank F/T .
Website optional Unknown W give http://www..... address, add optional <Space> followed by display text, 'homepage' is added to this.
'None' if no web presence
Wiki-Links optional empty F/T P NB automatically added is 'List on hospitals in...' link for State or Country if defined above and if List article exists

Any item indicated as freetext is not automatically wikified/wikilinked unless the parameter is defined in a particular article that uses this template:

 Hence: |Affliliation=[[Kings College]]

3) Article subject

This defaults to the article's name ({{PAGENAME}}) if not defined
is an optional parameter that may be used if the hospital is part of a wider organisation or group. Examples would be the name of a private company owning and running a number of different hospitals, in the UK may be used to specify the NHS Trust (these may operate several hospitals in a locality]], other organisations might include Aga Khan Hospital or Aga Khan Health Services

4) Pictures

may be used to provide an optional illustration. These fields are optional, but it is helpful to provide an image if you can find one. Of course most images on the internet are copyrighted.
optional caption for the image
also an optional width parameter you can add for the image. When no Width parameter is specified, it defaults to a width of 225. You may though adjust the width if required like this:
 | Image            = ACME_hospital.png
 | Caption          = The 2006 rebuilt hospital 
 | Width            = 325
is a further optional parameter which also takes a relevant image name and shows to a fixed 200 pixel width the hospital's logo or crest.

5) Place The original placement parameter was Location and would be set with manually wikilinked details of local place, city or country and US state. The template though adds wiki-links in a See also section to the relevant List of hospitals in State if this exits (i.e. if State is defines and the relevant wikipage exists), else to List of hospitals in State if that exists. So please split the hospital placement details into:

the local details. This is not wikilinked
the city or county. Is wikilinked and at least one of Location or Region need to be defined else 'Unknown' is shown
Optional wikilinked values.
  • For Canada this is the relevant Province
  • For the UK this is either England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales.
  • For the US this is the relevant US State.
This must be defined else '(? country)' is shown.
Country may be freetext, but the template automatically shows the wikilinked 2 character ISO country codes if set as Australia, Canada, Ireland, India, Kenya, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Tanzania, United Kingdom or as the corresponding codes.
Hence | Country    = Canada          gives:   Country  CA
Please note: Region, State & Country are automatically wikified if the relevant wikipage exists (i.e. no red links are shown if the relevant wikipage does not exist).

6) Organisation (displayed as 'Organization' if country set as Canada or USA, to maintain spelling consistancy within articles)

This indicates the hospital Public/Private/Charity status. This is generally a free text item.
However for certain countries, specific values of HealthCare are wikilinked:
Country HealthCare value Wikilinked to Displayed text
Australia Medicare Medicare (Australia) Public Medicare (AU)
Canada Medicare Medicare (Canada) Public Medicare (Canada) and wikilink to abbreviated Provincial plans where article exists
United Kingdom NHS National Health Service Public (NHS)
United States Medicare
Medicare (United States)
Charity care
Public hospital
Medicare (US)
Charity care
Public hospital
All countries (including those above) will accept free text for this parameter; generally set to either 'Public' or 'Private'
Useful markups include Public ([[Ontario Health Insurance Plan|OHIP]])'
The hospital Type is should be set as one of 'Community', 'District General' or 'General', 'Teaching' or 'Specialist'.
'General' 'District' 'District General' & 'Specialist' are automatically wikilinked to relevant section in Hospital
'Teaching' is wikilinked to University hospital (whilst University Hospital seems the most commonly used official term, most doctors & patients (and hence wikireaders) would refer to these as Teaching hospitals)
This in freetext gives the Medical School that may be associated with the hospital.

7) Services

This optional parameter provides details of Quality Standards that the hospital may have achieved and is meant to be used for hospitals where there are no automatic national standards and external internal organisations (e.g. ISO) have been invited in to provide certification.
Emergency Department and Trauma provision
The depreciated Certification parameter was US-centric and referred to the externally assessed level of trauma care that the hospital is rated to manage. However for hospitals outside of the US, editors confused this for Quality Standards certification, for which the Standards parameter is now provided.
is the new more generic parameter. It is generally freetext, however certain countries have tended to use the alternative name of "Accident & Emergency" for this service, and all but the US generally specify whether or not a Emergency Department is operational or not; whilst in the US 3 levels of trauma care provision are assessed.
Country Emergency value Displayed text
United Kingdom
Hong Kong
Yes Accident & Emergency
No Accident & Emergency
else Freetext
United States
Level I trauma center
Level II trauma center
Level III trauma center
else Freetext
The number of inpatient beds.
Used where the hospital is primarily devoted to a particular medical or surgical speciality, i.e. Type=Specialist hospital (i.e. not if it has a broad spectrum of specialities and one happens to be more famous than the rest, for these leave parameter undefined). Teaching hospitals may encompass the full spectrum of clinical specialities or be a single Specialist centre; hence where Type=Teaching, this parameter is optional.
Either link to medical speciality, other useful links are to Children's Hospital, Psychiatric hospital

8) History

Please give the year or full date that the hospital opened.
Optional parameter for when a hospital closed.

9) Links

Please give the full URL address starting with http://. Any alternative displayed text may be given by separating this by a space from the URL address. The template will automatically though add on the word 'homepage'. If the hospital has no web presence, then set this to 'None'
|Website =                                      Gives Unknown
|Website = None                                 Gives None
|Website = http://www.hospital.com              Gives homepage
|Website = http://www.hospital.com Trust        Gives Trust homepage
See also
This section gives freetext links to related material defined by Wiki-Links
Esoteric programming automatically generates links to the series of wikipedia articles of 'List of hospital in ...'. For UK & US, if State place parameter has been set then the See also field automatically shows List of hospitals in State, but only if such article exists, otherwise and for all other countries, List of Hospitals in Country is shown if this article exists.
(This works even if Country parameter is set to the 2-letter ISO code for Australia, Canada, Ireland, India, Kenya, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Tanzania, United Kingdom or United States. Also note that the wording of the wikipedia 'List' article has additional definite article 'the' added for 'the United Kingdom' and 'the United States' and Ireland's list is for 'the Republic of Ireland').
Any freetext passed by Wiki-Links parameter are shown on a new line if an autolink has already been displayed.

10) Don't worry about getting all the fields -- just do your best, and if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask at Template talk:Infobox Hospital.



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You are encouraged to familiarise yourself with its setup and parser functions before editing the template. If your edit causes unexpected problems, please undo it quickly, as this template may appear on a large number of pages.
Remember that you can conduct experiments, and should test all improvements, in either the general Template sandbox or your user space before changing anything here.

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