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{{Infobox_Disease |
  Name          = Sinusitis |
  Image          = Maxilar_sinusites.jpg|
  Caption        = Left-sided maxillary sinusitis (Absence of the air transparency of left maxillary sinus)|
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==[[Sinusitis overview|Overview]]==
==[[Sinusitis classification|Classification]]==
==[[Sinusitis pathophysiology|Pathophysiology]]==
==[[Sinusitis causes|Causes]]==
==[[Sinusitis differential diagnosis|Differentiating Sinusitis from other Diseases]]==
==[[Sinusitis epidemiology and demographics|Epidemiology and Demographics]]==
==[[Sinusitis risk factors|Risk Factors]]==
==[[Sinusitis natural history|Natural History, Complications and Prognosis]]==
[[Sinusitis history and symptoms|History and Symptoms]] | [[Sinusitis physical examination|Physical Examination]] | [[Sinusitis laboratory findings|Laboratory Findings]] | [[Sinusitis x ray|X Ray]] | [[Sinusitis CT|CT]] | [[Sinusitis other imaging findings|Other Imaging Findings]]
[[Sinusitis medical therapy|Medical Therapy]] | [[Sinusitis surgery|Surgery]] | [[Sinusitis primary prevention|Primary Prevention]] | [[Sinusitis secondary prevention|Secondary Prevention]] | [[Sinusitis cost-effectiveness of therapy|Cost-Effectiveness of Therapy]] |  [[Sinusitis future or investigational therapies|Future or Investigational Therapies]]
==Case Studies==
[[Sinusitis case study one|Case #1]]
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[[pl:Zapalenie zatok przynosowych]]
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