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{{CMG}}; {{AE}} {{S.M.}}
{{CMG}}; {{AE}} {{S.M.}}
* [[Homogeneous]]
*[[Stellate cell|Stellate]] or [[spindle cells]] having long, slender, ramified [[Cell (biology)|cell]] [[Process (anatomy)|processes]] which are [[Joint|joined]] by [[Primitive (integral)|primitive]] junctions, often with subplasmalemmal [[Density|densities]]
* Isolated [[spindle cells]]
* Multivesicular buds present commonly
* [[Tissue]] [[Fragmentation (biology)|fragments]] often present with storiform [[pattern]]
* [[Fibrillation|Fibrillary]] [[stromal]] [[Fragmentation (biology)|fragments]]
* Naked [[nuclei]]
* Slight to moderate [[atypia]] (occasionally)

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