Respiratory failure risk factors

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Respiratory failure Microchapters


Patient Information


Historical Perspective




Differentiating Respiratory Failure from other Diseases

Epidemiology and Demographics

Risk Factors


Natural History, Complications and Prognosis


Diagnostic Study of Choice

History and Symptoms

Physical Examination

Laboratory Findings

Chest X Ray




Echocardiography and ultrasound

Other Imaging Findings

Other Diagnostic Studies


Medical therapy

Oxygen therapy

Mechanical ventilation

Primary Prevention

Secondary Prevention

Cost-Effectiveness of Therapy

Future or Investigational Therapies

Case Studies

Case #1

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Editor-In-Chief: C. Michael Gibson, M.S., M.D. [1]; Associate Editor(s)-in-Chief: M. Khurram Afzal, MD [2]


Common risk factors in the development of respiratory failure include smoking, alcohol abuse, COPD exacerbation, obesity.

Risk Factors

Common Risk Factors

Less Common Risk Factors


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