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major histocompatibility complex (human), class I, A11
Alleles A*1101
Structure (See HLA-A)
*1101 *1102 *1103 *1104
Symbol(s) HLA-A
EBI-HLA A*1101
EBI-HLA A*1102
EBI-HLA A*1103
EBI-HLA A*1104
Shared data
Locus chr.6 6p21.31

HLA-A11 (A11) is an HLA-A serotype. The serotype identifies the more common HLA-A*11 gene products. A11 is more common in eastern Asia particularly along the coastal regions of china.


A11 serotype recognition of Some HLA A*11 allele-group gene products[1]
A*11 A11 A10 Sample
allele % % size (N)
*1101 99 2530
*1102 76 42
*1103 83 18
*1104 60 6
*1105 66 33 3

Serotyping of A11 demostrates better recognition of the *1101 gene products and poorer recognition of other A*11 gene products. Ther are ~40 recognized alleles of A*11. There is only one null classified as A11.

Disease Associations

By allele

A*1104 is associated with increased risk for cervical neoplasia resulting from human papillomavirus infection[2]

A11-B Haplotypes


  • A11-Cw2-B13 (Li)
  • A11-Cw9-B13 (Southern China & SE Asia)
  • A11-C10-B13 Buyi
  • A11-CBL-B13 Northern China


  1. derived from IMGT/HLA
  2. Chan D, Cheung T, Tam A, Cheung J, Yim S, Lo K, Siu N, Zhou D, Chan P (2005). "Risk association between human leukocyte antigen-A allele and high-risk human papillomavirus infection for cervical neoplasia in Chinese women". J Infect Dis. 192 (10): 1749–56. PMID 16235173.

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