Academy of the Sierras

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Academy of the Sierras (or AOS for short) is a therapeutic year-round boarding school, and the world's first boarding school exclusively for overweight and obese teenagers. It was founded by Ryan Craig, who also served as its first Executive Director.

The program, founded on decades of scientific research in obesity, is "the best short-term results ever reported for a weight loss program".[1]

As of February 2007, AOS has two campuses. The California campus is in Reedley, California, about 30 minutes southeast of Fresno, and has 90 students ages 13-18. A second campus, located in Brevard, North Carolina and known as Academy of the Sierras North Carolina (or AOSNC), has roughly 20 students ages 11-16.

AOS is operated by Healthy Living Academies, a division of Aspen Education Group. It is closely affiliated with Wellspring Camps.

The reference to "the Sierras" has been criticized, as most Westerners refer to the Sierra Nevada mountain range area as "the Sierra", singular. AOS maintains that "Sierras", plural, is appropriate because the Spanish translation of Sierra is "saw", literally translating into Academy of the Saws.


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