Wilhelm Roux

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Wilhelm Roux (June 9, 1850September 15, 1924) was a German zoologist and experimental embryologist.

Roux was born and educated in Jena. His methodology was to interfere with developing embryos and observe the outcome. In 1888, Roux published the results of a series of defect experiments in which he took 2 and 4 cell frog embryos and destroyed some of the cells of each embryo with a hot needle.

In 1885 Roux removed a portion of the medullary plate of an embryonic chicken and maintained it in a warm saline solution for several days, establishing the principle of tissue culture.[1]


  • Der Kampf der Teile im Organismus (1881)
  • Über die Entwicklungsmechanik der Organismen (1890)
  • Geschichtliche Abhandlung über Entwicklungsmechanik (two volumes, 1895)
  • Die Entwicklungsmechanik (1905)
  • Terminologie der Entwicklungsmechanik (1912).


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