Lactiferous duct

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Lactiferous duct
Illu breast anatomy.jpg
Cross section of the breast of a human female.
Dissected lactating breast gray1172.png
Dissection of a lactating breast.
1 - Fat
2 - Lactiferous duct/lobule
3 - Lobule
4 - Connective tissue
5 - Sinus of lactiferous duct
6 - Lactiferous duct
Latin ductus lactiferi
Gray's subject #271 1268
Dorlands/Elsevier d_29/12314912

Lactiferous ducts are lobes of the mammary gland at the tip of the nipple. They are also referred to as galactophores, galactophorous ducts, mammary ducts, mamillary ducts and milk ducts. They are structures which carry milk toward the nipple in a lactating female.

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