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Editor-In-Chief: C. Michael Gibson, M.S., M.D. [1]

Please email us [2] to indicate your interest in serving either as an Editor-In-Chief, an Associate Editor-In-Chief, an Assistant Editor-In-Chief or a Contributor for a topic or a microchapter. Please be sure to attach your CV and / or biographical sketch.

Who Is The Editor In Chief For The Entire Wikidoc Site?

Dr. C Michael Gibson, M.S., M.D. a Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the WikiDoc site.

Do You Need To Be An Editor In Chief To Edit Content?

No. You need to be logged in, but you do not need to be an Editor-in-Chief to edit content.

Can There Be More Than One Editor-In-Chief For A Topic Or Subtopic?

Yes. There can be more than one Editor-In-Chief for a topic or subtopic.

Can You Just Be An Editor Of A Micro Chapter Rather Than All Of The Content For Disease State?

Yes! You may also apply to be an Associate Editor-In-Chief of one of the subtopics below. Please mail us [1] to indicate your interest in serving either as an Editor-In-Chief of the entire topic or as an Associate Editor-In-Chief for a subtopic. Please be sure to attach your CV and or biographical sketch.

Who Should Apply To Be An Editor-In-Chief?

Those health care professionals who are an expert in the topic should apply to be Editor-In-Chief. Fellows should apply to be Associate Editor-In-Chief (see below) and Interns, residents, students should apply to be Assistant Editor-In-Chief.

Can I Be Editor-In-Chief Of More Than One Page?


What Are The Qualifications To Be An "Expert"?

Criteria would include publications of textbooks and manuscripts relevant to the topic. Priority would be given to original, peer-reviewed publications. Clinical experts with an extensive list of review articles would qualify as well.

Who Would Make My Appointment As Editor-In-Chief?

At this time, C. Michael Gibson, M.S., M.D. of Harvard Medical School would make this appointment. You would receive notification of your appointment by email.

What Is The Term Of Appointment?

The term of appointment is one year. Your term is then automatically renewed should your page uphold the standards of WikiDoc. WikiDoc may at its sole discretion choose not to renew your appointment should you not make significant contributions or should the content not uphold the standards of WikiDoc. WikiDoc may at its sole discretion choose to rotate the responsibility for Editor-In-Chief of a page.

What Are The Expectations Of An Editor-In-Chief?

  • You are required to contribute original material, or edit existing material related to the topic.
  • You are required to "watch" the page and assure the validity of materials that are added to the page.
  • In addition to assuring the accuracy of the information, you should also assure that posted materials remain free of bias.
  • On your user page, you are expected to disclose any real or perceived conflicts of interest as it pertains to your topic(s). This includes but is not limited to research funding, consultancies, and honoraria.

You can also post all this information on a user page. To create a user page, in the search box type

User:Your name

(type in your real name, like Bob Smith, not the exact words Your name). This will create a new page with your name. You can add biographic material here, you disclosures, your phone number, and your email address.

How Do I Watch The Page That I Am Editor-In-Chief Of?

You click on the button at the top of the page that says "watch" and you will be alerted by email when changes are made to the page.

What Are The Criteria To Become An Associate-Editor-In-Chief?

Similar to those of Editor-In-Chief, but these criteria are less stringent and are focused on the specific subtopic. A Chief resident or fellow can qualify to be an Associate-Editor-In-Chief of a subtopic. Other individuals may qualify depending on their level of training and expertise.

What Are The Criteria To Become An Assistant-Editor-In-Chief?

All allied health professionals (Students, nurses, interns, and residents) can apply to be Assistant-Editor-In-Chief.

Can An Individual Serve As The Editor-In-Chief Of A Microchapter And Not The Other Pages Related To The Topic?

Yes. An individual can be an Editor-in-Chief, Associate Editor-in-Chief, or an Assistant Editor-in-Chief of a microchapter without being responsible for the content on all the other pages related to the disease state.

What If I Don't Want To Have Or Don't Have An Editor-In-Chief Title Of Any Type?

That's OK. You can still edit the pages. If you feel uncomfortable with the title of "Chief", we are glad to list you as a contributor if you would like.