ATC code R07

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A section of the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System.

R Respiratory system

R07A Other respiratory system products

R07AA Lung surfactants

R07AA01 Colfosceril palmitate
R07AA02 Natural phospholipids
R07AA30 Combinations

R07AB Respiratory stimulants

R07AB01 Doxapram
R07AB02 Nikethamide
R07AB03 Pentetrazol
R07AB04 Etamivan
R07AB05 Bemegride
R07AB06 Prethcamide
R07AB07 Almitrine
R07AB08 Dimefline
R07AB09 Mepixanox
R07AB52 Nikethamide, combinations
R07AB53 Pentetrazol, combinations

R07AX Other respiratory system products

R07AX01 Nitric oxide

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